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Hong Chen, the fast girl, will become the champion. How can Hong Chen, the fast girl, create a varie

The fast girls, who have just finished the competition for the top four happy girls in 2011, return to their hometown to thank their fans and canvass at the same time. 2011 fast female Hong Chen will become the champion? 2011 fast female champion hot Hong Chen boldly predicted that he is the fast female champion: 'the rest of the people are not my opponents', which makes the popular king Liu Xin feel more pressure! Hong Chen constantly breaks through himself on the fast female stage, and dances in the fast female 5-4 competition. Hong Chen also has a variety of styles with a variety of songs! So how can fast female Hong Chen make a variety of clothes Play the role of Xiao Bian and check it with you!

Hong Chen is very popular with many fans because he is very similar to park Hsin Hui, who plays Gao Meinan in the Korean idol drama "it's a beautiful man". Let's see if this pair of comparisons are very similar! With the same short hair, those bright eyes, especially the nose, do you think? Is this black sleeveless dress very cute?

Hong Chen challenged Beyonce's "Single Ladies" in the just concluded fast women's five into four competition, and completely changed the style of the previous songs. This dress also changed the past. Red sleeveless top, white slim pants, red boots and red gloves, all of them performed hot dance, showing the international style! Sprint towards the champion, and more and more confident of winning the championship!

Hongchen also has a Kawaii side, pink cartoon T-shirt, with a variety of cartoon stickers, hair and clothes are very casual stickers, especially the strawberry sticker on the face, it can be said that Hongchen is changeable!

A song "Nanniwan" has fulfilled her mother's dream of singing for many years. Hong Chen Mu has made great efforts to sing. This black-and-white dress has no loveliness and weakness in the world of mortals. Some of it is domineering and powerful. The black short skirt has a sense of hierarchy design. The long tail at the back and the black belt show Hong Chen's good figure! Hong Chen, an international model, is rushing towards the champion!

This is the more amazing Hong Chen, painting a thick smoky makeup, micro volume of short hair, a change in the past fresh makeup. The long green jacket with big cuffs is very chic, and the two sides are naturally folded up, showing its beautiful figure. The black leggings match with this green jacket, which is very stylish! The highlight is his pair of high-heeled shoes with unknown height, and the thickened design in the front, which is very fashion!

Have you ever seen Hong Chen like this? A black bra dress, left side sling design, short front and long back layering design make Hong Chen show her legs. This is Hong Chen's sexy belt. "The rest of the people are not my opponents." this is Hong Chen's cry to the fast female champion!