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How to match the fragrance of women?

The popular Korean drama "the fragrance of women" makes Jin Shanya return to power, and also shows us a brand-new Jin Shanya. After losing weight, Jin Shanya has many beautiful clothes in the play. How does she match up to show the feminine flavor? Once, as the representative of the girls in the obese world, every carefully matched Jin Shanya exudes the fragrance of charming women. Let's go and have a look with Xiaobian!

"Fragrance of women" Jin Shanya another modeling, black and white polka dot dress popularity naturally needless to say, bra tight upper body design is very good to outline the upper body line, fat girls are very suitable. The petal design of the skirt is very cute, and a wide brimmed sunshade hat is matched on the beach, which naturally reveals the elegant and feminine flavor.

In the fragrance of women, Jin Shanya's red and white printed chiffon dress is very elegant and fresh. The lotus leaf design of the one word collar is very feminine, which makes the 36 year old Jin Shanya look more pure. This dress is not only thinner but also younger. The bright and gorgeous printing suit and silky fabric show the elegance. The black and red stitched dress is not only slim waist and beautiful legs, but also beautiful and incomparable in color. The white printed coat on the outside shows the elegant and gorgeous feminine temperament.

Jin Shanya is a very sexy tie-in. Who says that a little fat woman dare not show her figure? The black perspective top with black bra underwear, the skin color covered by gauze is extremely sexy, and the gray printed skirt below shows her beautiful legs. Undoubtedly, Jin Shanya is the inspirational idol of a little fat girl!

The green silk suspender vest is particularly feminine. The thin suspender shows the charming clavicle. After losing weight, Jin Shanya's figure is really speechless. The lower part of the skirt with the upper part of the lotus leaf skirt, like a beautiful flower, exudes the fragrance of charming women!

Blue flower bud dress dress dress, the design of this dress is very special, V-neck neckline is the best style for fat girls to show thin. The waist design of the dress also makes the waist more slim. As long as you dare to wear, you will also wear such a sexy devil figure as Jin Shanya.

Silver gray gorgeous tight dress, bra style, breast enhancement and thin waist effect is good, for just weight loss of obese girls, this is the best clothing show thin. Jin Shanya's dress is more mature and charming, and her rings and bracelets are also the highlights.

Jin Shanya, a woman's fragrance, has returned strongly. How to match it to show a woman's flavor? Sihai fashion editor saw Jin Shanya after losing weight successfully. How do you feel? Is Jin Shanya's collocation more feminine!