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Sweet Master Wang Xinling teaches you 3 moves to beautify your nose

Gao Ting's beautiful nose bridge is what many girls are eager to have. Recently, the beloved sweet Master Wang Xinling held a press conference of her new album in Taipei, so many people have observed whether Wang Xinling has done nose augmentation recently. According to the survey, Wang Xinling has some skills in makeup. Next, let's listen to Wang Xinling's advice on how to make up in three steps Straight nose!

Wang Xinling, the goddess of sweetness, recently held a signing ceremony for her new album "sticky, sticky and sticky" at the breeze Plaza in Taipei. During this session, Xinling was asked about the "fake nose" incident, which made her very unhappy. Wang Xinling was rumored to have a nose bulge due to her black framed spectacles on the film. For this matter, Wang Xinling said angrily: 'come again, everyone cares about my nose! My nose is born to grow like this, facial features are also born round, my mother also told me to take good care of my nose. "In fact, Wang Xinling can be a little bit calm and not impatient. If he wants to have a three-dimensional high nose bridge like Europe, it is not the only way to augment the nose. Just three simple steps, you can easily have a high nose. Let's learn it together!

Nasal shadow is the key

Choose the same color of the eye shadow coloring powder, or brown gray, light brown, and so on than the skin color slightly darker natural color. Under the eyebrow, the triangular recess between the head of the eye and the bridge of the nose should be lightly brushed with cosmetic powder. It should be noted that the intensity should not be too large, so as not to appear too thick shadow and appear unnatural. The shadow on the side of the nose can make the bridge of the nose look higher and higher, which is the key to build a high bridge of nose. After you finish the nose shadow, you can choose a big blush brush to brush your nose and brush the high gloss powder close to the skin color to bring the natural effect gently. But pay attention not to sweep to the nose position, also do not brush too much, otherwise will appear nose oil feeling, will also let the nose look bigger, affect the three-dimensional effect of make-up.

Highlight the peak of the middle lip and protrude the nose

Use a light pearl light color or high gloss powder close to skin color to gently brush the two sides of the protuberance in the human body to dilute the lines in the human body, and put a little highlight on the lip peak part to create a three-dimensional.

Step 3. Contour shadow creates small face

Use a concealer brush to coat the dark colored concealer, gently sweep the part of the cheek from both sides of the cheek to the gill. Use your hands gently to smooth the concealer so that it will blooming and look more natural. This can make the shadow effect beside the face, so as to create a small face visually and highlight the three-dimensional features of the facial features.

To sum up, after listening to the above introduction, have you learned the makeup skills and methods of sweet Godmaster Wang Xinling now? Girls who love beauty with a low nose can try the above several kinds of make-up skills. I believe you will get unexpected results!