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Hollywood actress shows you how to wear red

Fashion tips: the recent Premiere of friends with benefits in New York attracted a lot of new generation Hollywood actresses. They didn't actually meet each other, but they all chose red skirt, which became the most dynamic skin color matching red demonstration textbook on the black back and carpet.

The wheat complexion of the heroine Mila Kunis and the bright red dress of Lanvin's early spring 2012 collection is a disaster. The whole person is like a sunburned lobster. Emma stone, the red haired beauty with white skin, is the model of wearing red dress, and Giambattista Valli's two-color skirt is fashionable and chic in autumn and winter 2011, with bright red and pink powder and milk muscle as a perfect combination; and Christian Louboutin's nude red soled shoes are a perfect match.

At the same time, Julie Henderson and Nicole trunfio, two models who attended the premiere of friends with benefits, both chose dark orange red dresses. Their skin color and hair color were similar, but the color matching of other details was different. Julie Henderson may not know that it is a black carpet, but she matches it with black shoes, and her long legs are "eaten"; Nicole trunfio's red lips, crimson nails and crimson satin high heels all add to the overall color, making them more classical and elegant.

Emmanuelle, chriqui and Jessica Perez both opted for a tight skirt, Emmanuelle in a bright rose and Jessica in a cool jujube. Rose red is more agreeable than red dates, but the real difference is still skin color. Emmanuelle's honey colored skin is very shiny, and it collocation with gold and silver handbags and jewelry, looks bright; but Jessica's foundation is tragic, and the face and neck are pale, but the limbs are wheat color. It looks very strange. Is it still used in the love bath of the sun?

Finally, take a look at the one shoulder red dress of Asian actress Liza lapira at the premiere of crazy, stupid, love. Typical Asian skin color, wearing red without snow-white skin is amazing, but wearing this warm tone, red has a special flavor, appears warm and atmospheric. What needs to be improved is the shoes. The effect will be much better if the shoes are replaced with golden ones.