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The beautiful hairstyle of Yang Chenglin: once a runaway bride

Beauty tracking: Recently, idol star Cheng Lin Yang took photos for her new album "look up" and put on her Antique Lace Wedding dress. With her short red hair, classical and with a bit of lively and lovely youth.

Yang Chenglin's hairstyle

The new album "look up" was officially launched by Taiwan's adorable cult leader Yang Chenglin. Yesterday, she wore a classic wedding dress to shoot publicity photos. Although the wedding dress is full of classical and retro flavor, she laughs that the wedding dress must show half of her chest. A beautiful short hair with a classic wedding dress, a little conflict flavor, but let the overall effect more fashionable.

However, recently, she has been rumored to have been a runaway bride six years ago. In fact, she did not agree to propose because of her work, and Cheng Lin Yang admits that she hates marriage.