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Asian actress is not afraid of bumping shirt PK European and American actress

When a female star appears on the occasion, she is most afraid of bumping her blouse, which is undoubtedly the most embarrassing thing for the star. However, even if it's a hit shirt, it's more fashionable to watch Asian female stars who are not afraid of the hit shirt PK European and American female stars, which shows the petite of Asian female stars.

When Li Bingbing appeared in the film festival, she chose the thin skirt with fringe elements and long earrings to complement each other. Super model Carolina koukova, with her long and delicate hair, came into the audience's eyes in the same pink and pink dress as a mermaid.

Angelababy is one of the most dressed female stars in China. Compared with Miley Cyrus who attended a music festival, her small size seems to be able to convey the lightness effect of a mop.

Dong Jie wore Burberry's new double breasted windbreaker dress to the event. She showed the intellectual beauty of the dress with gentle elegance. In contrast, Yin's image of prudence is slightly inferior. Fortunately, the yellow belt is the highlight of the whole outfit.