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The thirteen hairpins in Jinling

"Jinling thirteen hairpins" cheongsam dress together, jade ink Ni Ni lead thirteen hairpins gorgeous clothing complete solution《 The premiere of the thirteen beauties in Jinling opened the mystery of the thirteen beauties. Ni Ni led all the beauties to show their cheongsam coats and put on a show of gorgeous clothes. Recommend the Qipao appearance of thirteen hairpins in Jinling thirteen hairpins. Each of them has his own distinct personality and charm.

Among Ni Ni's plays, Yumo's costume is also the most luxurious one, with leopard fur, dark blue and purple cheongsam of the same color. It is noble, elegant and charming.

Hongling, played by Zhang Doudou, is a heroine in the film. The brown fur coat and red cheongsam match the strong temperament and personality of the characters.

Li Chun, another of the thirteen beauties, should be very sweet and noble in the movie. Her dress is obviously different from other actresses. Her dark pink woollen coat, white fur collar and light colored cheongsam are in line with her sweet and lovely temperament.

Han Xiting, who plays Yichun, mainly wears black costumes in her plays. Compared with the gorgeous jade ink, she is melancholy. Black fur coat with ink like cheongsam, charming.

Another member of the thirteen beauties, Su Xiaomei, plays in a big red woolen coat and costume, which has the feeling of an international brand. With the cheongsam of the same color pattern, each player's coat matches the cheongsam pattern, which is also the highlight of the film's clothing.

Xianglan in Jinling thirteen hairpins is played by white snow, a yellow woollen coat, a black fur collar and cuffs. And the pattern of yellow embellishment echo with it, also be elegant atmosphere.

Zhou Mengqiao, one of the thirteen beauties, plays a green woollen coat with an old red cheongsam. Xiao Lu's luxurious fur ornaments make him a little smart.

Fat beauty flower, played by Sun Jia, fat body will not cover gorgeous aura. Black and white tweed coat, fur cuff luxury noble. Matching is thread color matching cheongsam, also elegant atmosphere.

The little mosquito in the thirteen beauties of Jinling is played by Yuan Yang ChunZi. This plaid coat is also one of the thirteen beauties with a certain style. The matching graffiti cheongsam shows that the sex appeal is changeable and some of them are spontaneous.

Gu Xuan, Fur Leopard Coat with lake green cheongsam, wild in a bit of classical beauty, very fashionable.

Zhou Yu, one of the thirteen hairpin girls, is charming and generous with her fur collar coat and big wave point cheongsam.

Shujuan, film narrator and actor Zhang Xinyi, is also a sophomore in junior high school. At the premiere, she wore a striped sweater with a white plush scarf and trousers, which was simple and generous.

Among the 13 hairpins, the only one who didn't attend the premiere was cardamom, played by Qian Liuyin. Her life was sweet and lovely, and she felt like a petty bourgeois. Grey tweed coat with plaid scarf, retro British style, very temperament.

"Jinling thirteen hairpins" cheongsam dress together, jade ink Ni Ni lead thirteen hairpins gorgeous clothing complete solution《 The thirteen beauties of Jinling, which took five years, finally met with you. recommends star dressing as a special topic for you. Enjoy the gorgeous cheongsam show of the thirteen beauties and watch the thirteen beauties of Jinling!