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What coat do you wear when you are short? What looks good when you are short?

Short girls don't have to worry about how to wear a coat in winter. Short girls are also suitable for wearing a coat. The key is whether they can match it. Today, Xiaobian will teach you how to match a coat in winter!

The pink coat with dark interior is very smart. It not only keeps you warm and thin in winter, but also improves your sweet affinity. It won't cover up the gorgeous color of the coat. For the big Lapel coat, it can highlight the sense of hierarchy. With the lovely cap, dating and travel make your honey index soar!

Do you have such a friend who often accompanies you? When you travel, similar clothes can show the intimacy of the two. The black woollen coat and the Royal Blue wide lapel coat are quite loose in style. No matter what kind of combination you wear inside, you won't look bloated. With the same black legging heel shoes, your tone will become more consistent, thin and impressive.

Dark underpants have a better slimming effect, watermelon red long coat, waist design will make the lower body appear more slender, full of boutique sense of big lapel, you can not only wear casual, but also with formal dress to attend formal occasions, if you take a long skirt is also very fashionable and modern, and very noble temperament oh.

The low-key contrast between black and purple is used. The purple scarf is just right to separate the woolen coat and sweater, so that the lapel design will not be covered up, and the overall sense of the overall shape will be maintained to the best. The long version coat with slim straight pants is a classic combination, covering the buttocks and showing the thin legs. Coupled with a pair of simple winter boots, you can show your temperament more.

This season's coats are the most fashionable in military uniform. Bright pure color coats are popular this winter. The gorgeous watermelon red is as sweet as candy. The small bubble sleeves and high waistline cutting are still popular. They are used in coats to bring a lovely and sweet little princess feeling; The bold double breasted design of general's uniform is a highlight in the coat with strong ol sense, and the avant-garde sweet military uniform shows its fashion attitude.

The delicate texture of tweed makes black look more pure. It doesn't feel gray like the light fabric. The folds at the neckline are very lovely. There is a layer of fine fur near the neck, which adds noble temperament. It's better to match the solid coat with the solid color inside, so that the whole is unified. If you think it's monotonous, make an article on the layer texture. In addition, make a strong contrast collocation It's also worth using in common collocation, which makes you full of high-end temperament charm whether you attend social occasions or petty bourgeois dating.

Khaki waist middle suit jacket, with black skirt, slim and high!

The warm thick coat in winter is the most popular item that women want to have. It creates the impression of frankness and fullness with the style of Western-style suit. With the freehand design and the long t inside, it looks like a star like fashion. The evolution attracts 100% of the eyes!

The design is very simple, the sleeve part is gradually tightened, and the waist position is a slim design. The milky white color also gives a light feeling and is very lovely. It's also suitable for winter wear. Because the design is simple, you can add a lovely scarf to decorate it. In this way, there will be more layers and the image will be focused.

The simple and classic design version can make you never fall behind. The long woolen coat can upgrade your warmth instantly, and the heavy weight can resist the cold wind in winter. The highlighted car line version and small hem have obvious self-cultivation effect, and the interior matching with daily dress is also very stylish.

This season's modern overcoat has finally given up the past feeling of bloated, as if it had been 'slimmed down' the same magic, loose light fabric design in this season's hot, thin cloth, cashmere, fur, wool fabric has become the most popular fabric, it makes the body curve thinner, lazy women more charming and moving! With fashionable boots and scarves, add warmth, let you more avant-garde modern.

The fitting version of tweed coat decorates a slim and slim figure. The double breasted shape is elegant and clean. The clean cut can match different styles according to different occasions. Compared with the general windbreaker coat, it has more warmth retention.

Short wear what coat? Women's clothing more about short wear what good-looking articles to introduce to you, fashion to grasp Oh!