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How to match girls' winter clothes to fashion

2011 girl winter wear collocation, winter wear how to wear the trend? Autumn and winter wear not only warm, but also enough tide! 2011 girl trend winter wear collocation skills, how to collocation can spread the sense of fashion? Sihai net editor to share winter wear collocation tips with you!

2011 winter wear collocation, woolen coat is indispensable, both warm and fashionable! Khaki warm tweed coat, body and sleeve adopt bright color splicing design, make the clothes very stylish, long lines, make the shape of the body more tall, crisp fabric, showing a very handsome three-dimensional lines.

Fashion winter wear collocation, leisure coat is fashionable enough! Khaki collar leisure coat, revealing leisure feminine flavor, brown leather bags and shoes, make the overall tone unified, this collocation is quite popular in winter.

2011 girls' winter clothes match, windbreaker is the most indispensable single product in autumn and winter, this windbreaker is very atmospheric, not only his design is simple and generous, the version is also loose, the weight is also textured, hooded design, drawstring waist, big pocket is also integrated with this garment, long sleeve elastic zipper, placket has a door tube, hem also has drawstring, can do lantern shape, enrich the quality Meaning of course, there is no lack of lace inside, white rose in full bloom how can not let people heart!

The army green windbreaker jacket and the small and unique Lapel design create a very cute and playful taste. The slightly wrinkled bubble sleeves are full of playful taste. The perfect high waistline tailoring makes the body lines more slim and sexy.

2011 winter wear collocation, leather coat is indispensable! Dark brown leather coat, exquisite and three-dimensional slim cut, very thin, inside the use of lamb wool fabric, soft texture, very warm, short lines, wearing very neat.

The long coat is also very fashionable! The coat of plush texture, with perfect cutting, makes the line of the waist more slender and three-dimensional. The delicate plush fabric has a gentle texture, which makes it very comfortable to wear, showing a very charming romantic color.

2011 girls winter wear collocation, leather clothes more fashionable! Exquisite leather jacket, delicate and soft leather fabric, wear without tension, very comfortable, exquisite straight line, reflects the relaxed Street leisure color, fashion to color, bright and beautiful, full of personality.

Lamb collar leather clothes with hole tight jeans show perfect personality style everywhere, very European and American style, right?

Knitted long sleeve cardigan coat, exquisite short line, wearing very capable three-dimensional, thick needle design style, full of relaxed and fashionable Street leisure style, small and chic dress design, with perfect self-cultivation effect.

It's necessary to match winter clothes with sweaters! The dark blue loose cardigan coat, thick fabric and skin feeling make it very comfortable to wear. The deep V-shaped collar is full of charming sexy atmosphere, and the metal color double breasted collocation makes it extremely retro.

Fur element vest, loose and casual lines, no restraint, full personality, reflecting cool Street color, thick texture, wearing very warm, bring people a warm feeling.

If you want to be fashionable, fur is indispensable. Maomao fur coat is warm and fashionable. When walking on the street, it will turn around a lot. It is elegant with simple high waist skirt and straight boots. The first thing to choose a boot is whether it can lengthen or modify the lines of your legs. High tube, leather and super long version are popular elements this year, which can keep out the cold and match easily.

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