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How do sweaters and shirts match? How do sweaters and shirts match in autumn and winter

How to match sweaters with shirts? How to match sweaters with shirts in autumn and winter? Shirts must be worn every season. Sweaters are essential for keeping warm in autumn and winter. How will these two classic pieces work together?

Grey long sweater + striped shirt

Collocation suggestion: neutral striped shirt, if you don't wear it well, you will feel like pajamas. It can be combined with grey big neck sweater to keep warm and enhance the fashion of simple style. Zebra pattern Leggings are the highlight.

Bright yellow knitted cardigan + Red Plaid Shirt

Collocation suggestion: when the weather is cold, don't be afraid of the fat around the waist. The emergency rescue plan is coming. A loose cardigan + plaid shirt and a wide belt are used outside. Not only the belly is gone, but also the sexy waist is shown.

Cape coat + Plaid Shirt

Collocation suggestions: cotton plaid shirt, big size as a coat, handsome and fashionable; this season as an interior, elegant personality, style can change with your outside, this time is a cape style sweater coat, what is the style?

Thick needle sweater + denim shirt

Collocation suggestion: denim shirt can be reconstructed as an inner layer, and it can be matched with pink thick needle sweater, which is very British!

Bright yellow cardigan + Floral Shirt

Matching suggestions: tulle skirt, with a floral shirt, bright yellow cardigan, lively and lovely, fashionable girl next door style is also very lovely.

Nordic sweater + white shirt

Collocation suggestion: the beauty who likes Nordic style sweater very much, loose sweater with a slim white shirt, the coolest way to wear this season.

Dahua T-shirt + Red Shirt

Collocation suggestion: there are also young ways to wear old-fashioned designs and colors. Dahua knitwear with old-fashioned shirts conforms to the principle of positive and negative, and looks less dull and more youthful.

Stick needle T-shirt + Plaid Shirt

Matching suggestions: the same plaid shirt, with candy colored sweaters and skirts, will create a playful and lively you. If you change into elegant high-heeled shoes, it will create a little womanly full of you.

T-shirt + blue shirt

Collocation suggestions: Sexy Little Women love Lace Chiffon, lace decorated knitwear, details show femininity, woolen hat, tulle Tower Skirt, make lovely little princesses in autumn and winter.

Red cardigan + Floral Shirt

Matching suggestions: floral shirt with red knitted cardigan, plaid skirt, idyllic style, become a British style, do not play sweet flag this autumn.

Autumn and winter sweaters with sweaters, shirts wear both inside and outside, how to match trade and shirts? women's clothing has explained to you, there are still questions, please continue to pay attention to the 'trend' column of the article, there are more wonderful!