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How to match the blue coat? How to match the blue coat in autumn and winter

How to match the blue coat? Autumn and winter treasure blue coat matching tips! Autumn and winter all kinds of styles and colors of coats have appeared, including all kinds of blue coats, treasure blue is the most popular among female friends! Sihai Xiaobian share with you how to match the blue coat, including treasure blue coat!

The blue coat matches the dress, brings the fresh fresh feeling to the early spring February.

Indigo cloth long windbreaker, free and easy women use it to show grace

The bright color of the lake blue coat, irregular hem bring the feeling of beating. Blue stockings and blue handbags are in harmony with the whole body.

The combination of navy blue windbreaker with camel trousers, waist belt makes the overall proportion show, and the resurgence of wide leg pants makes your imperfect leg shape disappear.

With a mix of tradition and practicality, 2011 Autumn and winter fisherman's coat. The hook in front of the coat is made of four metal climbing buckles. In addition to replacing the traditional wooden oxygen buckles and ropes, the coat is made of soft royal blue wool. The coat also extends down to the middle of the thigh, which can increase the protection in bad weather. In addition, the shoulder part adopts a full piece fit design.

The dark blue double breasted tweed coat looks very decent, warm and beautiful in this winter. Wear short skirt with silk stockings, beautiful legs naturally appear, is not very beautiful, very attractive?

How to match the blue coat? Autumn and winter treasure blue coat matching tips! Sihai women's clothing channel has more fashion articles, continue to pay attention!