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Women's fashion trend in autumn and winter

2011 autumn and winter women's fashion trend, clever collocation let you hold the whole autumn and winter! The update speed of fashion trend often makes us unprepared, accidentally 'out'. But don't worry too much, because some fashion elements are hot and enduring! Today, Xiaobian will check the 15th fashion trend of autumn and winter 2011 for you. In this early autumn, you must buy a new one for your wardrobe! Come and watch it!

Key words 1: wave point element

The classic dot marks appear boldly in many shows, expressing a strong trend of fashion. Since the 1930s, the significance of wave point has been flowing to the current fashion T-stage, which is still enduring. The following group of matching is specially prepared for wave point control, including cotton and chiffon. Come and watch it! Are you still worried about your skirt and T-shirt being too mediocre? Then hurry to have a wave point piece!

Key words 2: bright color

If you think that the spring show is colorful and incomparable, then your conclusion is too early. When you see the trend of this season's autumn show, you will find that this autumn is not so simple! Saturated red, fresh pink, mysterious purple, pleasant blue, and bold green and yellow are interspersed with each other. These colorful and lively colors form a sharp contrast with the consistent dark and neutral style of this season.

Key words 3. Cape and overcoat

Maybe last winter's crying is still fresh in our memory, so thank you for being surrounded by coats to please the show. From the Cape and fur coat, we can see the colorful topcoat, which is one thing designers are considering: warmth.

Key word 4: geometric abstract pattern

Bold graphic stripes and sharp angle patterns mark the geometric trend of the season. Here are some graphics to add to the fall wardrobe for you to choose from. Like simple and generous style you must open your eyes!

Key words 5. Leather texture

An autumn rain and a cold, what can you wear to resist the cold at night, and will not let everyone's vision 'cover' panic, but also cool temperament? Autumn leather skirt, leather clothes, must be the first choice. If you still think that leather can only be used in severe winter, it's really not fashion! To create a small luxury girl with temperament, there must be a leather piece suitable for you!

Key words 6: classic and retro in 1960s

The characteristics of almost every season have the fashion figure that has passed away before, and the 1960s was a great influence. Suit skirt, vest skirt, small jacket and so on are the items that people can't put down at that time, and the simple outline line is worth learning. Here are some chic 1960s style items you can add to the Fall 2011 wardrobe.

Key words 7. Dream lace

I don't know if you have been paying attention to fashion. You have noticed that a trend is growing at an amazing speed. This trend is lace. Fantasy lace has always been a good thing for women. It's not surprising that this trend is still popular in the autumn of 2011. This season's lace is definitely more than just embellishment and decoration. Large pieces of lace appear on the top and skirt, making women look so charming and exquisite.

Key words 8: Tuxedo

Black and white is out of date, but tuxedos are hot day after day. Whether you love the traditional tuxedo coat (every woman should have one), or wear a tuxedo with a bow shirt, this trend of men's neutral suits, you can try it. Perhaps, usually you can be 'masculine' and occasionally become your 'boyfriend'!

Key words 9. Elegant skirt

One of the most popular elements of the season is the long hem. From below the knee to the calf and then to the ankle, the length of the skirt and dress is the same in autumn.

Key words 10: simple and neat

Simple, clean, neat and comfortable is another demand of fashion. The following group of items can give you some inspiration, the original, the pursuit of pure comfort and fashion does not conflict!

Key words 11: hippies in the 1970s

The style of the 1970s also made a comeback in the autumn of 2011. Bohemian style and gorgeous aesthetic elements were integrated into it, making the hippie style play thoroughly. Think of high waisted flared pants, tie shirts, gold accessories & hellip; & hellip;. In the following set of matching, our favorite 70's inspiration can reappear, and now it's very fashionable.

Key words 12. Flowers in autumn

Who says that flowers can only bloom in spring and summer? Autumn shows are also full of flowers, but the colors of autumn also make the appearance of summer flowers. Here are some flower patterns for you to choose from.

Key words 13: lattice element

Plaid elements are as classic as jeans. Plaid Dress is straightforward and handsome, plaid skirt is fresh and beautiful, and plaid pants are fashionable and versatile & hellip; & hellip; do you have plaid shirt in your wardrobe? If you have any, please start with one!

Key words 14. Shiny metal feeling

From the luxury of gold, silver and other metallic luster shining, shining in the autumn show. One of the essential elements of this season is these glittering and adorable pieces!

Key words 15: splicing

This autumn is not only publicity, but also sultry! Explosive colors and patterns, seemingly chaotic collages and textures are mixed with each other, and there is a unified harmony in the chaos. Dare to wear this' all right 'mix of stripes, geometric patterns and charming prints, the Queen's throne is waiting for you this season! Here are some pieces and accessories to keep your creativity flowing.

Today, Sihai Xiaobian's introduction of "2011 autumn and winter women's fashion trend" is here. Friends who like fashion and all kinds of collocation, take action quickly, match good-looking clothes for themselves, and make themselves fashion. More about the wonderful content of fashion, Sihai clothing will continue to launch for you, please continue to pay attention!