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How to match boots with trousers to make girls more fashionable?

How to match boots with trousers to make girls more fashionable? In winter, almost everyone has a few pairs of leather boots. The reason is very simple. Girls are afraid of cold feet, and the winter of 2011 is no exception. Leather boots have naturally become a hot item! If you choose your favorite boots, you will surely need all kinds of slim boots and pants to match them. I will teach you some tips to make you a catchy type girl: wide block pants are popular again, as if they were back in the early 21st century. It's very casual to wear with sportswear jacket, and it's also good to choose black, brown or gray boots.

Black narrow legged Harlem pants are the product of neutral style, with pointed black strapping boots, punk flavor is strong. You can choose a loose T-shirt, a sweater or a sweater. If you want to create a casual look, you'd better choose bright colors to break the black and white boredom.

The specially damaged part looks very natural. It has a Western Cowboy feel with brown boots. Plaid shirt is also one of the highlights.

Jeans are always the first choice. Wear it with a loose white shirt to create a casual style. The yellow wool hat is eye-catching, which is the highlight of the whole body.

Thick soled shoes are also one of the fashion items this year, which are loved by both stars and celebrities. The pocket design of jeans is unique, which is one of the highlights.

The brown boots are suitable for young ol people, and the style is warm. Jeans with special pattern after special aging treatment, slim fitting jeans is undoubtedly the best choice to match boots.

Skinny jeans are always versatile, so it's definitely the most conservative choice to pair with boots.

High heeled boots have a very neutral flavor, with simple and generous jeans, natural style charm, upper body can choose turtleneck, or T-shirt with scarf is also good.

Jeans without any patterns and details seem monotonous, but they are the best match.