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Winter short coat with short cotton clothes, fashionable and novel style

The winter short coat is skillfully matched, and the short cotton coat is fashionable and novel! Short cotton padded clothes have become the coordinates of fashion this winter. There are many fashionable styles of short cotton padded clothes and coats. I recommend several styles to keep up with the trend. Come and have a look!

Leopard print has become popular in recent years. This fur coat with leopard print is very personalized. The simple straight through version is more decorative, and the hood design is very elegant! Match it with a small black skirt and black leggings to show your slim figure!

The lovely and bright candy color cotton jacket is lined with cotton wool design. The loose version is comfortable to wear. The drawstring design at the hem is very unique. It is fashionable and good-looking with a white sweater and striped Leggings inside!

Black hooded loose leather coat, warm and stylish, lined with wool lamb fabric, loose and comfortable!

The green two-sided short cotton padded clothes adopt the popular bright surface material this year, and the playful and lovely shape attracts people's attention! Wear it with short skirts and leggings to look thinner!

The short coat made of denim is also made of lamb hair, and the small lapel is more playful and cute!

The short cotton padded clothes with dark blue stitching design are more lovely and lively with lovely cartoon patterns. The style of fluffy bread is warm and fashionable!

What's popular this winter? These short cotton padded clothes recommended by Xiaobian are the latest popular styles this winter. Which one do you like?