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Which yoga movements can thin arm? Recommended yoga movements of thin arm

What yoga can thin arm? Thin arm Yoga recommended! Thin arm yoga is the fastest way to thin arm, some girls not only have the trouble of arm stout, but also annoying swimming circle. Xiaobian teaches you nine simple yoga movements, which can not only help you lose your arms, but also help you get rid of the swimming circle, which has dual effects.

1. Stand on the mat in mountain style, hold hands in reverse, push forward from the chest, head also slowly down, eyes looking at the ground, arms and body maintain a 90 degree posture.

2. Slowly raise your arms over your head, then bend back, slightly bend your body back with your arms, and look straight up.

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3. Slowly return to the upright position, then bend your arms and body to the right with your eyes to the left, then slowly bend your body to the left with your eyes to the right.

4. After completing the movement, return the arms and body to the right position, and put the hands down to relax.

5. Hold the right foot with both hands, then stick the heel of the right foot to the root of the left thigh, keep balance, put both hands together in front of the chest, slowly raise both hands high, and look ahead. Keep breathing evenly, and then return to the mountain standing position to prevent loosening.

6. Keep your feet shoulder width apart, hands on both sides of your body, toes of your right foot pointing to the right.

7. The arms drive the body to bend to the right, keep the lower body in the same position, keep the hands in the same straight line, and look at the fingertips of the left hand. Hold for 10-20 breaths and return to the right position.

8. The right foot sole is right, the left foot sole is left. The hands raised horizontally drive the body to bend to the right. The left hand is placed on the left leg. The right hand and the left hand keep in the same line. Then bend the left hand to the left, stretch the arm as far as possible and stick to the head. The eyes look at the top.

9. Return to the mountain stance, raise your arms and relax.

For example, when the upper body is bent and stretched, the lower body must keep the original standing position.

What yoga can thin arm? There are more articles about yoga to teach you thin arm yoga, easy to get rid of the butterfly sleeve!