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How long can you do yoga after dinner? After dinner, you can get slim

How long can you practice yoga after meals? Yoga after meals can make you slim! Fat is easy to accumulate after meals, and you can solve the problem of fat accumulation after meals through yoga. Sitting yoga is called 'lightning sitting'! But you should pay attention to how long you can practice yoga after meals, and understand the taboos of yoga!

Don't do yoga for an hour before and after meals. Yoga's movement needs the body to bend and twist, so don't do yoga within 1 hour before and after meals. It's better to reduce the amount of food before doing yoga, so as not to increase the burden on the stomach.

1. Kneeling position, two shins on the ground, two insteps flat on the floor, two thighs and the ground vertical.

2. Keep your knees together, your big toes crossed, and your heels on both sides.

3. Sit down with your hips between your separate heels.

4. Put your hands on your thighs, look up and look straight ahead.

Exercise efficacy: choose to start to practice within 10 minutes after meals, the best effect. The bent legs reduce and slow down the blood circulation of the lower body, so as to accelerate the blood circulation of the upper body, especially the chest and brain regions, promote digestion, balance the nervous system of all parts of the body, make the nutrient delivery uniform, and reduce the possibility of local accumulation of fat.

Experience sharing: Although sitting, sitting upright consumes more calories than standing. Generally, it's OK to sit for 10-20 minutes after a meal. At the beginning, your legs may feel numb easily. When you feel numb, stretch your legs and massage them, and then practice.

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