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Decompression Yoga ol decompression Yoga action how calm mood

Decompression yoga, ol decompression Yoga how to calm the mood? Daily busy work and life make you physically and mentally tired, decompression Yoga allows you to find physical and mental peace in the busy life, relax the body, ease the mind, take away the mental fatigue, return you a healthy body at the same time, also let you energetic. Decompression Yoga starts now!

This is a yoga tree. This movement can enhance the balance of the body, and exercise the joints of the body, which can effectively keep the mind calm and reduce the pressure. Often do this action can make our mind more clear, the mind can also be fully washed. It's a very healthy yoga.

1) Stand on the mat with your feet side by side, keep your back straight, spread your palms forward slightly on both sides of your body, and keep your eyes straight ahead to keep breathing naturally.

2) Hold the ankle of your left foot with your left hand and stick the heel of your left foot to the base of your right thigh.

3) Notice that the heel of the left foot is close to the root of the thigh, then the sole of the foot, and then the right foot is stepped down vertically, and the right foot is single footed to maintain body balance.

4) Then release your left hand, hands in front of the chest, back straight, eyes straight ahead.

5) If the heel of the left foot is not close to the thigh root, you can choose to step on the left foot in the inner part of the right leg to maintain body balance.

6) If a friend with poor balance ability can't keep body balance on one foot, you can also choose to stand on tiptoe with your left foot and step on the ground with your right foot to keep body balance.

7) Then inhale and lift your hands up to the bone. Keep your body in balance and feel the relaxation of your body.

8) The force of the body is to keep up, breathe naturally, and keep breathing for about 20 times, then repeat the action with the other foot.

9) If the body warrior can't keep balance, you can choose a feasible method according to the above figure.

How can ol calm your mood? Decompression yoga helps you. Decompression yoga is easy to learn and can relax your mood. Why don't you try it? There are many articles about yoga in Sihai women's body beauty channel. Welcome to read them!