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How can ol practice yoga to eliminate fatigue?

Ol how to practice yoga to eliminate fatigue? In the busy city life, women are now under pressure from all aspects. How can you reduce pressure and eliminate the fatigue brought by pressure? Xiaobian recommends reducing pressure yoga to let you feel the spirit of yoga, find the precipitation of your soul in the city, quickly eliminate fatigue and restore energy.

1) Naturally relax your legs, sit on the cushion, stick your left foot to the thigh root of your right foot, bend the sole of your right foot back, hold the back of your head with both hands, and stretch your shoulder and neck.

2) After the body is relaxed, the long legs sit on the cushion, bend the right foot with hands, and stick the heel of the right foot to the root of the left thigh. Keep your left foot straight and push your heel out. Put your hands together in front of your chest and keep your back straight.

3) Raise your hands above your head, extend your arms and keep your lower body in the same position. Feel the back and shoulder neck stretch.

4) Put your hands together and fall forward, with your chest close to your thigh and your head on the ground. Hold the palm of your left foot with your hands. Feel the stretch of your back and the stretch of your thigh ligaments. Keep posture for about 10 ~ 15 breaths. Let go of the palms of your feet and get up slowly. Straighten your right foot, shake and relax.

5) Sit on the mat with the palms of your feet facing each other. Hold your hands in front of each other and put them on the palms of your feet. Keep your waist straight and your eyes straight ahead.

6) Bend your waist, put your arms on the mat beside your legs, lower your head, and keep your eyes on the ground.

7) Place your chest on the soles of your feet, touch your forehead, breathe naturally, and hold for about 10-15 breaths.

This movement can exercise to your shoulder, neck, back, abdomen and other parts, can eliminate fatigue, massage abdominal internal organs, promote the production of metabolism, so that people can be clear headed and refreshed after this yoga. It's very suitable to do yoga after a busy day to eliminate fatigue.