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Yoga in summer

On the summer solstice, a friend called early in the morning and said, "I've heard that winter solstice and summer solstice are the best time to exercise. What should we do now?"

I said: 'the summer solstice is the solar term for the conversion of yin and Yang. When Yang Qi reaches its peak, Yin Qi begins to sprout. So at this juncture, you must be mentally stable, not impatient, not overworked, and not stay up late. At this time, the most important health lesson is to sleep at noon;. '

He was a little confused: "sleep is human instinct, who can't sleep?"

I said with a smile, "this & lsquo; Sleep & not that & lsquo; Sleep & quot; in my & lsquo; Sleep & quot; refers to practicing yoga, which can replenish vitality and dredge meridians in your sleep, so that you can wake up refreshed and energetic. It's a set of excellent Dharma without practicing and doing nothing. '

In fact, this "sleep yoga" is not difficult, there are only three pithy formula: before going to bed, lie down and rub, wake up and collect.

Before going to bed, soak your feet in warm water and put on a piece of soothing and wonderful music to relax your spirit. If you keep your body and mind comfortable, you can lay a good foundation for practicing 'sleeping Yoga'.

Health exercise has its beginning and end. If you practice, you should have a result. So when you wake up in the morning, don't get up in a hurry, rub your abdomen again, and then put your hands on your navel to do some abdominal breathing. This is equivalent to practicing yoga all night. Do not do too much movement, but open the meridians, this is really a rare sleep regimen.