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Yoga can help you lose weight after you get up

Do you want to lose weight? Practicing yoga when you get up in the morning can help you lose weight. In the early half an hour, it's hard to be thin.

After getting up to drink a cup of boiled water, not only helps to quickly urinate, but also replenishes the cell water. Low blood viscosity. Usually after drinking boiled water for half an hour, the body will excrete the metabolites from the previous night. In addition, boiled water does not contain protein, fat, carbohydrates, will not affect the effect of weight loss, but also make your skin better!

Many times I want to lose weight, but I have no time or mood, especially for office workers. But I tell you, as long as you do these four things every morning, you will lose weight. And don't worry, these four things are easy to do, you just need to get up 30 minutes early.

7: 05 Slimming yoga, the effect is remarkable

7: 05 Slimming yoga, the effect is remarkable

The best time of the day to practice yoga is two hours before sunrise in the morning and two hours before sunset in the afternoon. Yoga is also a good choice after getting up. It can not only reduce body weight, but also supplement energy for the body, so that you are energetic and in a good mood.

Wake up the muscles

First, take two days and three minutes of deep breathing. When inhaled, contract the abdomen. When exhaling, there will be a sense that the breath is brought to the spine. Good for the body: it can promote the flow of oxygen in the muscles during the preparation of exercises. Good for the spirit: you can get a calm and peaceful state of mind.

Body extension

Stand up, arms up, like a stretch, but increase the range. If lying on the bed, you can use both hands to hold the edge of the bed above the head (or press the two arms on both sides of the bed surface), and lift the leg up with one leg in turn (or both legs at the same time). It's faster when you raise your leg and slower when you drop back. Do it 20 times. It helps to reduce the excess fat in the lower abdomen, strengthen the abdominal muscle strength and increase the elasticity of the abdominal muscle.

Side waist stretch

Put your right hand on your right shin or ankle and your left hand on your left rib. Then turn to the left and unfold your body so that your left shoulder is in line with your right shoulder, rotate your left foot so that your left toe is facing forward and your right toe is facing sideways. If you feel stable at this point, lift your left arm straight into the ceiling so that it is in line with your right shoulder. Keep your spine straight and look at your left arm, and if that hinders your neck movement, you can look forward. Breathe, then switch to the other side.

This action is very effective in reducing fat and fat on the waist and buttocks, strengthening the muscle strength of the waist and buttocks, and strengthening the waist and strengthening the kidney.