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Facial yoga removes bags under the eyes and shows miraculous effect Yoga Tips recommended

Facial yoga removes bags under the eyes and shows miraculous effect. Yoga tips are recommended! Bags under the eyes become more and more serious with age. Facial yoga can easily help you get rid of bags under the eyes and show your delicate facial features. Recommend Yoga Tips to everyone. Let's have a look!

1. Katrina & middot, an expert in facial yoga; Lepka suggests: sit cross legged, put your index and middle fingers on both sides of your nose, about 2.5cm below your eyes. Then press gently and turn your eyes between your eyebrows for 5-10 seconds.

2. The sleep research center of Loughborough University in the UK pointed out that when there is nothing to do, taking a nap for 15 minutes has an indirect effect on the elimination of pouch.

3. Jane middot, an expert in facial texture research in London, UK; Griffin said that the cold compress of eye gel helps to constrict blood vessels and reduce eye bags.

4. Repeatedly press the palm directly under the index finger to help eliminate eye bags.

5. Potato contains CATECHOLASE, which is an important component of whitening and freckle removal. Cut the potatoes into semicircular slices and place them in the pouch position for 20 minutes to reduce the pouch. Note: sprouted potatoes cannot be used.

Mastering the above steps of facial yoga can help you remove your bags under your eyes and restore your bright big eyes!