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Type 3 white collar ol decompression yoga to relax and lose weight

3-style white-collar ol decompression yoga, yoga to relax and lose weight! White collar workers are under great pressure in their daily work. Practice yoga to relieve their emotions and relax their pressure! A set of meditation decompression yoga can not only relax the mood, but also lose weight. Let's have a look!

1. Spiritual yoga: artistic conception method

It is called mental relaxation or imaginative relaxation. For example, after lying still, self-conscious Imagination: pictures appear in my heart, Pinghu is like a mirror, clear and peaceful; A beautiful swan floats across the lake, and white snowflakes fall gently in the sky; Beautiful, golden sunrise, a farmer ploughing in the field, a horse pulling a car; A cow stood peacefully, and a peacock opened the screen; The sea is full of waves and the children are playing; Clear blue sky, clouds floating overhead; I feel relaxed, comfortable and happy in this poem and painting; I'm intoxicated. I'm very quiet.

2. Spiritual yoga: training method

It is called relaxation training or relaxation training. The training of consciously controlling self psychological and physiological activities, reducing arousal level and improving body disorder function can relax the spirit. The main method is to achieve a relaxed, quiet and natural state of relaxation by adjusting posture (body adjustment), breathing (breath adjustment) and mind (heart adjustment) of yoga.

Modern scientific research shows that Yoga relaxation can reduce the level of cerebral cortex, the excitability of sympathetic nervous system, reduce energy consumption, increase blood oxygen saturation, improve hemoglobin content and oxygen carrying capacity, improve digestive function, and a series of nutritional reactions such as electromyography, skin electricity and skin temperature, which are important for adjusting body function, preventing and treating diseases Prolonging life is of great benefit, and can improve psychological qualities such as perception, memory, thinking, emotion and personality.

3. Soul Yoga: Hypnosis

It is called relaxation hypnosis or hypnotic relaxation. Give the relaxation hint instruction to make the subject lie still, slightly close his eyes, inhale deeply, exhale slowly, have peace of mind, and pay attention to the breathing rhythm; Ask the whole body to relax and experience the weakness and comfort after the muscles of the whole body are relaxed. At the same time, it suggests: 'after the muscles of the whole body are relaxed, the spirit is fully relaxed, the limbs can't move, the eyes can't open, and the brain doesn't want to. Go to sleep! Go to sleep. Fall asleep, the spirit is completely relaxed and free & hellip& hellip;'

Is this three type decompression Yoga very simple? The key is whether you can really meditate and master the essentials of yoga!