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How to practice yoga, hip lift and back beauty

How to practice yoga to lift buttocks and beautify back? Classic Yoga demonstration! In the process of body shaping and weight loss, the back and buttocks are relatively difficult to operate. How to beautify the back and lift the buttocks? Recommended combination of yoga, while the United States back buttocks, fast and effective together. Demonstration of classic yoga moves of two styles!

Collapse type

Vajra kneels on the mat, and sits on the heels with his hips. His hands naturally relax on both sides of the body, keeping his back straight.

Hold the forepaws of both feet with both hands, palm to palm, and keep the arms straight back.

Use the strength of the waist and abdomen to slowly lie back, first the elbow landing, and then slowly all lie down.

Keep your feet on both sides of your thighs, instep on the ground, and waist on the ground. Put your hands around your head and keep breathing naturally.

Camel style

Kneel on the mat with your legs shoulder width apart, your insteps on the ground, and your hands on your waist.

Inhale, push hips forward, chest back, eyes on the front.

First, put your left hand on the heel of your left foot and keep your right hand unchanged.

Then put your right hand on the heel of your right foot, keep your chest back and your hips forward.

Slowly lean your head back with natural breathing and stretch your neck.

Keep the movement for 10 ~ 15 breaths, and then slowly return to kneeling on the mat, hands folded in front of the chest, forehead resting on the hands, relax the body and resume breathing.

For beginners, if the instep is not close to the ground when doing the action, the tip of the foot is OK.

This set of movements can effectively move the waist, back, shoulder and neck. The final strengthening movement can also help effectively pull apart the ligaments of the leg and strengthen the activities of the knee joint. At the same time, because this movement belongs to a backward movement, when the hands are placed on the heel of the feet, they can also expand to the chest, which has the effect of breast enhancement. It can play a very good overall body and strengthen the joint movement of the body.