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Is belly dance easy to learn? How to dance well?

Is belly dance easy to learn? How to dance well? Does pear shaped mm always worry about her buttocks? I'll teach you how to dance well. Come and have a look!

Group 1:

Step 1: initial position - feet shoulder width apart, hands on both sides of the body.

Note: hold your chest and abdomen, relax your shoulders, and put lotus fingers in your palms.

Step 2: inhale, draw a semicircle with your hands from the side of your body and cross your head.

Note: when drawing a circle, keep your arms level with your body, from the side of your body to the top of your head.

Step 3: exhale, squat slowly, and draw a semicircle with both hands down, as shown in the figure. After 15 seconds, return to the initial position.

Note: after squatting, the toe pad can increase the difficulty of movement and improve the effect, but it should be done according to one's ability.

The second group:

Step 1: stand back and forth on both feet, with the right foot in front, but with the center of gravity on the left foot. Let your hands hang down naturally, inhale, and look straight ahead.

Step 2: cross your fingers, slowly push forward, exhale, move the body weight to the right foot, and slowly lift the tip of the left foot, feel the back muscles stretching, and return to the initial state after 15 seconds.

Step 3: step forward, put your left foot forward, hold your chest up and inhale, and cross your hands with your fingers behind.

Step 4: exhale, raise your head backward, raise your arms as much as possible, and cushion the tip of your left foot at the same time. You can feel the strong stretching of the muscles in your abdomen, back and outside of your arms, and the lifting of your hips. After 15 seconds, you can return to the initial state. Horizontal exercise breast augmentation

Step 1: open your feet to shoulder width, put your hands on your waist with orchid fingers, and look straight ahead.

Step 2: inhale and lift your chest, then move your chest horizontally to the upper left by your shoulders, and keep it for 5 seconds. Try to keep your shoulders horizontal and not tilt.

Step 3: exhale, bow your waist, slightly close your shoulders inward, and tighten your abdomen for 5 seconds.

Step 4: inhale and lift your chest. Move your chest horizontally to the right and upward with your shoulders. Hold for 5 seconds and return to your original position. 20 groups / day.

It is suggested that the more obvious the chest lifting, the better the effect.

Figure eight crotch twisting and waist slimming

Tips: the whole process is like drawing a figure eight horizontally. The range of action should be increased as far as possible. At the same time, keep the head down, and pay special attention to keeping the level of shoulders. At the beginning of practice, it's best to find a full-length mirror. Practice before the mirror can help you quickly master the main points of action, and the effect of action in place will be more significant.

Step 1: stand with your feet in the figure of eight, hands in the shape of orchid fingers, eyes in front, keep breathing gently.

Step 2: cushion the tip of the left foot and send the crotch to the front right at the same time. The center of gravity is placed on the right leg, and the hands naturally swing to the right with the body.

Step 3: anticlockwise, send the hip to the right rear, close the abdomen, lean forward slightly, feel the waist and hip muscles are stretching.

Step 4: continue to turn the crotch counter clockwise, send the crotch to the left rear as far as possible, and move the center of gravity to the left foot, cushion the tip of the right foot, and lean forward slightly.

After that, return to the initial position and draw another eight characters in the opposite direction. The positive and negative groups were divided into one group, a total of 20 groups / day.

Swing like a mermaid

Round hips

Step 1: stand upright, open your hands parallel to your body, bend your elbows naturally, and your hands are orchid fingers.

Step 2: send the crotch to the left, bend the right leg, cushion the right toe, tilt the body slightly to the right, and swing the arm with the body, feeling the muscle tension of the waist and crotch. Pay attention to keep the abdomen closed during the swing.

Step 3: repeat the action in the opposite direction, and your hands will naturally fluctuate with the swing of your body, feeling like waves.

Step 4: put down the crotch and toes, bend the legs and squat slightly, and send the crotch to the left. The body echoes with the left crotch as shown in the picture, and slightly press the waist to the left. At this time, you should feel that the muscles of the waist and thigh are tight, and the hip is slightly acid.

Step 5: repeat the action in the opposite direction and complete a group of actions in the order of step 2-3-1. 15 groups / day

Tips: always keep the buttocks tight, swing the upper body as much as possible, keep the center of gravity in the lower body, and send the crotch in place. The movement is not only conducive to the exercise of waist and thigh muscles, but also can effectively lift the buttocks, and practice perfect buttocks.