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Belly Dance waist chain how to choose Indian style belly dance waist chain

Belly Dance waist chain, Indian style belly dance waist chain how to choose? Belly dance waist chain is one of the important equipment of belly dance, which can not only embellish hip line, increase rhythm, but also enhance the confidence of dancers. How to choose the waist chain of Indian style belly dance? How to tie it?

How to choose the waist chain of Indian style belly dance?

Belly dance has many colors and styles, and different prices. How do you choose a waist chain?


If you are a beginner, you can choose the most common one first, and the price is between 15-25. Even if you don't like it later, you won't feel sorry to lose it. How to choose the waist chain of Indian style belly dance?

If you wear a big skirt to dance belly dance, you can choose a narrow multi piece heavy waist chain. The price is between 30-35, which is more reasonable. No need to work hard. If you move a little, you will feel good about your waist!

If you want to wear pants, but want to have the feeling of a fishtail apron, choose the big triangle long waist chain.

It doesn't matter how many gold coins are on the chain. It depends on your preference. Gold more will be lively, jump up loud, very lift atmosphere, but also very heavy Oh!

The expensive belly dance waist chain is new in appearance and exquisite in craftsmanship; the cheap ones are mostly old, but the gold coins are almost the same! You still have to choose according to your needs!

How to tie the waist chain of Indian style belly dance?

Waist chain can be said to be the symbol of belly dance, many beginners of belly dance will encounter such problems: how to tie waist chain to be more beautiful? Where is the best place to wear waist chain?


First of all, it should be noted that the waist chain should not be tied too high, usually below the four fingers of the navel. The waist chain is attached to the outer edge of the trouser line, which means that you can't pull the skirt or pants too high. It's better to use the low waist skirt or low waist pants, so as to make your waist appear longer and add a visual beauty when dancing belly dance. Secondly, it is necessary to pay attention to the position of the waist chain tie knot, generally in front of the crotch in the middle or side knot is good. After tying the knot, let the rest fall naturally. About 'how to choose the waist chain of Indian style belly dance', I've finished introducing it to you. Are you very excited? Come and have a try! Want to have a perfect body, want to beautiful body healthy friends to more action Oh, heart is not as good as action, move up beautiful. There are more articles about belly dance in Sihai Meiti. If you like it, act quickly!