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How to do belly dance for beginners? Essentials of belly dance

How to do belly dance for beginners? The following small series for you to briefly introduce the relevant problems and the essentials of practicing belly dance.

The first step: happy with the heart, self entertainment

The reason for falling in love with belly dance is that you get happiness from it. This happiness comes from your heart and body. When the weight of your body's movements coincides with the beating of the drum, and when the rhythm of your heart coincides with the graceful melody, you will feel a joy pouring out from the inside. If you feel it, don't suppress it and let it show on your face, Let the smile bloom, let the happiness increase!

Beginners of belly dance don't have to care about whether they have dance foundation or not, and they don't have to doubt whether they can learn it well. As long as you like it, you can feel pleasure from dancing, which is the biggest success! This is often called 'self entertainment' in dance, and pleasant belly dance music is the best enlightenment teacher.

Step 2: master the method and keep practicing

Interest is of course the best teacher, but to do a good belly dance still have to rely on their own practical study. First of all, we need to master the correct practice methods. Since it is dance, every movement will have its own specifications and essentials. If there is no correct method guidance, the quality of movement and the effect of practice will be greatly reduced.

Furthermore, the steps of practice should be from simple to deep, from easy to difficult. The flexibility, strength, flexibility and coordination of the body needed for belly dance also need long-term practice. It is impossible to become a fat man by stuttering. We should not be in a hurry to learn dance. This requires us to keep practicing and make belly dance a part of our healthy life and list it in our long-term fitness plan Go in.

Step 3: feel with your heart and dance

This is a higher level of requirements. If you have mastered the basic movements of belly dance, then you have to leap forward to a higher goal - learn to use the basic vocabulary of these dances to express music and inner feelings. We need to understand that dance is not for action, action itself is a kind of language, language without emotional infiltration is pale, and action without emotional infiltration is shriveled.

The ancients said that 'emotion moves in the middle and forms in the words, the lack of words leads to sigh, the lack of sighing leads to chanting, the lack of chanting, the dance of hands and feet'. Dance is the most direct and vivid way to express emotion, and one of the essence of dance is expression. So, feel the music carefully, and let our actions have temperature and soul!