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How to choose the right belly dance music

Write in front: belly dance is more and more popular, and when dancing belly dance with exotic flavor concert, your dance will be more charming. So how should you choose your own belly dance music? Here's to teach you belly dance fitness fitness and fans of their own suitable belly dance music.

How do we choose the right belly dance music when dancing?

In fact, this question depends on yourself. When choosing music, you only need to ask yourself two questions:

1. Why do I do belly dancing?

2. Do I think the music sounds good?

As for the second question, it is the so-called radish and green vegetables have their own preferences. Then we will mainly discuss the first question. The purpose of your dancing determines the standard of choosing belly dance music.

How to choose music for belly dance Gymnasts

If you're doing belly dancing just to keep fit or shape, you can choose whatever music you like as a belly dance etude. A good music has almost magic power. It can ignite the passion of our dance in an instant, so that you can dance with your hands and feet.

If you want to dance an energetic song, choose fast-paced music; if you want to meditate or do deep stretching through dance, choose slow music. The most important thing is that you think this piece of music sounds good, its notes and rhythm can touch your heartstrings.

How to choose music for belly dance lovers

If you really take belly dance as a hobby, if you really take belly dance as an art form, if you really want to experience and experience this foreign culture, then you need to go close and listen to the real belly dance music, and learn how to dance with the real belly dance music.

Belly dance music has a large category, but mainly refers to the music of the Middle East, both traditional style and modern style. Traditional music is mainly divided into Turkey, Lebanon, Egypt and other styles; while modern style belly dance music adds western modern music elements on the basis of traditional Middle East music. And these, can be your belly dance music.

Fortunately, the Middle East belly dance music has rich emotional drum beat, winding and beautiful melody, full of dynamic rhythm, and all of these can make our learning process full of fresh surprise and sweet fun!