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Belly dance, let you shape in Charm

Now with the development of fashion, the charming belly dance has become the first choice for many women to keep fit. How to learn belly dance? First of all, we need to have a preliminary understanding of belly dance. Belly dance originated in ancient Egypt. In the past few years, Hollywood movie stars adopted the "fetching principle" to make it a shaping fitness sport. In recent years, it has become popular and more and more popular in Europe and America.

So, what's the function of belly dancing? Belly dancing can effectively tighten the whole body line, and reduce the weight of arms and hips and thighs. If you master the basic dance steps, such as grapevine, duck feet, sieve rice, camel steps, etc., and after the coach's guidance and their own practice, you can basically complete a set of belly dancing actions by yourself.

Slender arm

Training purpose: to shape the arm's line in all directions and enhance the flexibility of shoulder, arm and wrist.

Action Essentials: the muscles in the arm area that affect the overall aesthetic feeling are relatively complex and need to be exercised with multiple actions.

1. Inside of arm

Keep your body in a straight position with your weight on your spine. At the same time of going out of the left foot to the left, the left arm slides over the front of the body, opens on the left side of the body, and the palm of the hand is outward; left and right alternately, do one side of the movement in a rhythm.

Serpentine hand

It's like a wave going through the arm. The arms open on the left and right sides of the body, bending from the fingers of one hand, and passing in waves through the shoulders and body to the other. Regular exercise helps improve joint flexibility.

2. Outside of boom

Put your hands straight and flat on the front of your body. When you take a step forward on your left leg, lift your right arm up. When you lift your arm up, twist your left hip forward.

Round buttocks

Training purpose: only the round buttocks can support the lines of pants, with a wasp waist on the top and a fiber leg on the bottom, so as to create the most attractive curve for women.

Action tips: focus on the hips, legs together, thighs slightly bent, focus on the lower body, keep the waist straight. Raise your hands on the top of your head, keep the back of your hands close to your chest, keep your back extended, slightly sink your body, and swing your hips from right to left quickly.

The focus of belly dance exercise is to slim the waist and arms, but as with every aerobic exercise, regular long-term adherence will produce results. Listen to the music, find the right feeling, and release the enthusiasm in the rhythm.

Balanced shoulders

Training purpose: we must learn to shake the shoulder, and practice the clavicle and shoulder corners.

Action tips: put your arms on both sides of your body and let them hang down naturally. With the shoulder joint as the center, drive the big arm joint to rotate around it, which can be done separately on both sides or at the same time. It's difficult to shake your shoulders. You can't understand the secret at the beginning. However, in order to learn this movement, it is important to practice the strength and flexibility of the shoulder first.

Straight chest

Training purpose: it's a little difficult to make the chest fuller through aerobic exercise, but it's absolutely OK to make the chest more straight.

Action tips: hold up your chest, concentrate your strength on the two peaks, and put your hands at the root of your thighs. Take a step forward with your right leg, straighten your left leg, lift your hips and tuck in your abdomen, then fully push your chest forward and your arms in at the back of your body. Keep the waist not twisted and let the upper body shake in front, back, left and right directions. Think of the time and power it takes to fight against the effects of gravity for so many years. Come on!