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How to make a sweet and delicious egg soup with nourishing yin and nourishing face?

Office workers and students have a lot of mental work, so we must have a good breakfast. Stewed egg with milk is also called egg soup. The aroma of milk and egg is mixed together. It's smooth and delicate. The taste is easy and delicious. People can't eat enough of it, but it brings full happiness

Ingredients: 2 native eggs, 250 ml milk

Accessories: 10 almonds, 1 mango

Seasoning: 2 tbsp sugar

Practice of stewing eggs with milk

1. Prepare native eggs, pure milk, sugar, mango, honey and almond

2. Beat the eggs into egg liquid and prepare the milk

3. Add 2 tbsp sugar into the egg, beat well and let it dissolve for 3 minutes

4. Filter the beaten egg liquid with a sieve once

5. Pour the milk into the egg liquid, stir it in one direction until it is even, wait for 3 minutes, and let the two liquids dissolve

6. Then filter the milk and egg liquid with a sieve once, and slowly pour the filtered milk and egg liquid into the bowl

7. Cover the surface of the bowl with preservative film, and prick a few small holes on the surface with toothpick

8. Prepare diced mango and almonds

9. Put cold water in the pan, put the bowl in the steamer and cover it

10. Steam over medium high heat for 15 minutes and tear off the plastic wrap

11. Arrange the diced mango and almonds

It's sweet but not greasy. It's fragrant and silky. Its taste is better than others. Make one.