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Do you like to eat the unique flavor of stinky tofu? Teach you three steps to make Changsha stinky t

Stinky tofu has the fresh taste of white tofu and the fragrant crispness of fried tofu.

Ingredient: soybeans 5kg

Seasoning: soy sauce 500g, chili oil 250g, Tea Oil 1kg, sesame oil 150g, crude salt 100g, Douchi 2.5kg, alkali 1.5kg, proper amount of water

Practice of Changsha stinky tofu

1. soybean milk: rinse the beans with water and rinse with water. Replace 20~25kg with water, then grind them into a paste with a stone mill, add the same warm water as the same amount as the mixture, and put them into the bag, then squeeze out the juice. Then add the mixture into the boiling water and then squeeze it. Then the soybean residue will not be touched. When the soymilk has been squeezed, the foam will be left. In the VAT, add the gypsum juice and stir it with a wooden stick. After stirring for about 15 ~ 20 revolutions, a little water can be dropped. If it is mixed with the slurry, it means that the gypsum juice is not enough, so you need to add some more gypsum juice and stir it again. If the dripping water is not mixed with the slurry, it will become bean curd after about 20 minutes. Spoon the bean curd into a wooden box, cover it with a wooden board, press on heavy stones, and remove the water

2. Brine making method: take 2.5kg of Douchi as the standard, add 15kg of clear water to boil, filter, add 1500g of alkali in the juice, soak for about half a month, stir once a day, and ferment to form brine

3. Fried stinky tofu: put green alum into the barrel, pour boiling water into it, stir it with a stick, soak it in tofu for about 2 hours, take out tofu and cool it. Then soak the bean curd in brine for about 3-5 hours in spring and autumn, about 2 hours in summer and about 6-10 hours in winter. After soaking, take out the bean curd, wash it with cold boiled water, drain the water, then pour all the tea oil into the pot and burn it red. Deep fry the bean curd over low heat for about 5 minutes. Once it is burnt, take it out and put it into the plate. Drill a hole in the middle of the bean curd with chopsticks and add chili oil, soy sauce and sesame oil Pour the oil together, mix well and put it in the tofu hole. Let's have a try