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Do you like noodles full of spicy oil? How to do it

In summer, cook a steaming pot of hand-made noodles, take it out, over water, sprinkle seasoning, scallion and coriander, and pour the hot oil on it. I love the hiss when the hot oil comes into contact with noodles. This is the famous pasta in Shanxi. No appetite days, this sound is undoubtedly the best music to wake up the taste buds. After eating noodles, we can have a bowl of soup to make noodles. It's better to turn the original soup into the original food.

Ingredients: flour, coriander, scallion, salt, pepper powder, chicken essence and a small amount of soy sauce, beef.

Make: 1. Mix flour with 1 spoonful of salt.

2. Warm water and knead into a slightly soft dough. Knead the dough into long strips.

3. Divide it into several evenly distributed tablets, the size of which is two to three times that of dumplings.

4. Rub all the ingredients into strips, apply oil to the bottom of the flat bottom box or plate, put the strips into the dough, and then evenly apply a layer of oil on the left, right and top of the dough, cover the lid or plastic film, and wake up for about 20 minutes.

5. After waking up, roll or flatten them one by one, press them in the middle with chopsticks, grasp the left and right ends with hands, and pull them into strips.

6. Open fire, pour proper amount of water into the pot and bring to a boil. Divide the long noodles into two parts from the chopsticks in the middle. Don't tear off the last end and put it into the pot to cook.

7. In the process of cooking noodles, adjust the sauce, put coriander and scallion into the bowl, add salt, pepper powder, chicken essence and a small amount of soy sauce, and slice the stewed beef.

8. In a small pot, add some oil and heat it.

9. Take out the cooked noodles and control the water. Put them into the bowl with the ingredients. Add a proper amount of dry chili noodles on the top. After the oil is hot, pour it on the top while it is hot.

10. Stir well and serve. Very fragrant ha! No marinated beef can also not put, the same very fragrant.

Looking at the production process, I don't think it's that complicated. In fact, in the past busy and difficult days, people had no time to cook a table of exquisite dishes. Under the heavy work, it is such a bowl of noodles which are rough, simple, simple and delicious, supporting people through the busy time year after year!