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Want to eat noodles for lunch? teaches you how to make delicious sauce noodles in ten minu

Three meals a day, men and women, people seem to revolve around three meals a day. You will be tired of smoking all day long. Is there any food that you can make at home without smelling oil smoke and with good color, flavor and taste? This lazy sauce noodles can completely meet the requirements!

Noodles with sauce

Ingredients: 300g noodles, right amount of sauce, right amount of mung bean sprouts, right amount of green vegetables, right amount of ham slices

Steps: 1. Clean green vegetables and mung bean sprouts

2. Blanch the mung bean sprouts first, and then cool them immediately

3. After blanching vegetables, use cool boiled water to cool them

4. Cut the vegetables into sections, slice the tomatoes and ham

5. Put all the cut vegetables on the plate

6. After the noodles are cooked, the boiled water is too cold

7. Put the cooked noodles in the middle

8. Add a proper amount of flour dressing sauce. The type of sauce can be selected according to your preference.

9. Mix well and enjoy. Tips: you can choose the kinds of sauces and vegetables according to your preference.