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How to make a delicious pot of pork

For the northeast people, guobaorou is definitely not a strange term. How to make guobaorou with strong northeast characteristics is a delicious food that the authentic northeast people can't miss!

raw materials: 150g pork tenderloin, right amount of shredded green onion and ginger

Marinade: 1 / 2 egg white, 1 tsp cooking wine, 1 / 2 tsp salt

Starch: 3 tbsp dry starch, 1 tbsp flour, and proper amount of water

Sweet and sour juice: 2 tbsp sugar, 1 tbsp rice vinegar, 2.5 tbsp delicious soy sauce, 1 tbsp soy sauce, a little salt, proper amount of chicken essence, 6 tbsp water, 1 tbsp Lake powder


1. Wash the tenderloin and cut it into pieces about 0.2 cm thick.

2. Put the sliced meat into the container, add the marinade by hand, and marinate for 15 minutes; put all the raw materials of sweet and sour juice into the small bowl and mix them well for standby; put the raw materials of powdered milk into the bowl and mix them well, and the water in the powdered milk should not be too much, just add a little bit, and the consistency of the mixed powdered milk is as good as that of thick yogurt.

3. Add about 500 grams of vegetable oil into the pot and heat it. When the oil temperature is about 60-70%, hang the marinated meat slices with powder paste and put them into the hot oil one by one (if you can't control the temperature well, you can put in a small section of scallion first to test the oil temperature. When you put in the scallion, there will be a big crackle sound, and dense bubbles will be generated around the scallion immediately).

4. After the paste on the surface of the sliced meat is set, take out the sliced meat immediately.

5. Then heat the hot oil in the pan. When the oil temperature rises to about 80% heat, pour in all the meat slices at one time for re frying.

6. When the meat surface is golden, immediately remove the meat and drain the oil.

7. Pour out the oil in the pan, leave a proper amount of base oil and heat it to a warm temperature, then pour in the sweet and sour juice.

8. Cook the sweet and sour juice over low heat until thick.

9. Open the fire and pour the fried meat into the sweet and sour sauce.

10. Add shredded green onion and ginger.

11. Stir fry a few times quickly to make the sweet and sour juice evenly cover each piece of meat and leave the fire.

12. Install the plate. The complete practice of northeast guobaorou is recommended. Have you ever tasted the rich northeast bold and unconstrained characteristics in guobaorou?