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Home made rice noodles in casserole, a street snack you will never forget

As a matter of fact, I can't bear to put rice noodles into junk food. In fact, eating rice noodles once in a while doesn't do any harm to my health. So if you don't worry that the food on the stall is not clean, you might as well make a bowl of delicious rice noodles in casserole at home~

food preparation: dry rice noodles, green vegetables, bean curd skin, mung bean sprouts, soup, quail eggs, two crab sticks, heart record, salt and chicken essence.

Production steps

1. Wash the green vegetables, bean curd skin and mung bean sprouts. Cook and peel the quail eggs.

2. Cut two crab sticks into heart records and reserve them.

3. Send the rice noodles for standby.

4. Put the salt soup in the casserole and put it on the fire. Add the green vegetables, bean sprouts, bean curd skin, two quail eggs, two crab sticks, two heart rolls, and six taels of rice noodles. After boiling, add chicken essence to the table.