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Such a red tomato stewed noodles, a bowl full of mom's taste

If you want to eat noodles in winter, tomato stewed noodles is always a good choice. Sometimes simple, home-made food often makes you find different memories. Can you taste your mother's taste?

Ingredients: spinach 1 handful wheat flour 200g tomato 2 eggs 2 peanut oil 2 tbsp salt 1.5 tbsp soy sauce 1 tbsp water 1 small bowl

Tomato and egg marinated noodles practice 1. Spinach washed after water control cut inch section

2. Put the cut spinach into the juicer to make juice

3. Take a large container, pour in the flour, several times into the spinach juice, slowly mix the flour into a soft and hard moderate dough, then cover with a wet towel, wake up for 15-30 minutes

4. Knead the dough patiently for several times until the dough is smooth and tough, then divide it into small parts and put it into the noodle machine to make noodles

5. Wash the tomatoes and cut them into pieces. Add half a spoonful of salt to the eggs and beat them

6. Put proper amount of peanut oil into the pan, heat the oil, quickly pour in the egg liquid and spread it

7. Cut the tomatoes, add a spoonful of salt and a spoonful of soy sauce to taste, and stir fry until the tomatoes come out of the soup

8. Add a small bowl of hot water, turn the heat down and cook until the tomato soup becomes thick, then turn off the heat

9. Take another pot, boil a pot of water to cook noodles, put them on a plate and pour the brine

In fact, if you think it's dry, you can also make some sour soup to eat, and the taste is also very good!