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The vivid rabbit is the favorite of small pot friends

For many mothers, they like to let their children bring their own meals to school. The delicious Bento is a good time to test their mother's cooking skills! The unique shape of the Bento can not only make children eat delicious, but also make children have a special sense of pride. So today, let's make a rabbit Bento!

Rabbit Bento

Ingredients: 50g cooked rice, 1 egg, quail egg, cucumber, carrot, corn, green bean, strawberry, seaweed and salt


1. Prepare the ingredients;

2. The cucumber was sliced with a peeler;

3. Slice the carrot;

4. Quail eggs cooked;

5. Blanch corn green beans and carrot slices with a little salt;

6. Fry the eggs with a little salt;

7. The rice is put into the mould and compacted;

8. The demoulding should be placed in a proper position;

9. Pressed out clothes for rabbits and carrots;

10. Roll up the eggs with cucumber and sprinkle with green beans, corn and carrot seeds;

11. Remove the shell of quail eggs and press the carrots out of the shape of rabbit ears;

12. Press the seaweed out of the eyes and nose;

13. Cut on the quail egg, put on the ear, eyes, nose and mouth on the left back;

14. All of them can be placed in the right position;