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Fried rice cake popular on the streets of South Korea

the most classic method of fried New Year cake is Korea. In Korean dramas, there are always temptations of delicious food and beautiful men and women to make you enjoy it. So today, Xiaobian will introduce a nutritious meal of New Year cake Hangzhou style fried New Year cake. The New Year cake is not only beautiful in color, but also delicious.

Ingredients: pig lean meat, agaric, cabbage, leek, shrimp oil, sugar, soup, salt.


1. Shred pork, mix with salt, add protein and Taibai powder, 30 minutes.

2. Soak Auricularia auricula in water until it rises. Remove the hard stem, clean it and cut into shreds.

3. Wash the cabbage and shred. Remove the leeks and cut into sections.

4. The rice cake is also cut into 0.3cm thick slices.

5. Heat the oil to about 80 ℃, put down the rice cake and fry it a little to make it set, then take it out.

6. Stir fry shredded pork, agaric and Chinese cabbage in oil. Add in stock and simmer until the Chinese cabbage is soft and crisp, but there is still juice.

7. Put down the New Year cake and stir fry it. Add shrimp oil and sugar and stir well. Turn off the heat and then put down the leek section. Mix it and set it on the plate.


1. New year's cake is made of glutinous rice with strong stickiness, so when slicing, don't cut it too thick, it's not easy to taste, but if it's too thin, it's too soft, and there's no biting force. Therefore, new year's cake should be fried delicious. The size and thickness of new year's cake have a great influence. To make it taste better and not stick together, fry it in oil first and try it.

2. The color of fried rice cake with shrimp oil is more beautiful than that of soy sauce, and the flavor of shrimp oil is that the older you eat, the more delicious it is. It's not like ordinary monosodium glutamate and high fresh monosodium glutamate. It's just that you feel temporary freshness at the entrance, but you will feel dry and thirsty after swallowing.