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How to make delicious French fries? The taste of fast food that can be copied at home

For many people who like to eat fast food, French fries are one of the dishes that must be ordered. Today, Xiaobian teaches you that you can copy such a taste at home. Do you like delicious French fries?

ingredients: French fries (KFC) appropriate

Method of French fries 1. Take appropriate amount of frozen French fries (semi-finished products).

2. Empty fryer for use.

3. Select the frying temperature of 200 ℃ and put the frozen French fries (without thawing in advance) into the air frying basket. Set the frying time as 15 minutes.

4. When frying for 10 minutes, pull out the frying basket and turn the chips with chopsticks once. When the frying time is over, you can take them out for eating (when turning, you don't need to turn off the machine and pull out the frying basket directly).