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People will love the food with strong taste

For Guangzhou people, it is a typical food, and the curiosity psychology is very strong. For ordinary people, pork tripe is not liked by ordinary people, but some people especially like it. Have you ever heard of it? Maybe you will like this taste!

Ingredients: pork tripe 1 carrot Half Root persimmon pepper 1 chicken protein (egg white) half salt 3 G ginger 5 g soy sauce 5 g pepper a little sugar 2 g sweet potato starch 5 g

How to make a quick fried tripe:

1. Take a small part of the tip of the pig's tripe after cleaning up, as shown in the picture: about a quarter of the whole pig's tripe

2. Shred the top of the stomach against the grain, add salt, shredded ginger, pepper, half an egg white and sweet potato starch, stir well and size, marinate for 20 minutes

3. Cut carrots and green peppers into strips. Mix a sauce with soy sauce, sugar, starch, pepper and water

4. Before frying, drain the marinated pork tripe juice, remove the oil from the pan, add a little more oil, when it is 60% hot, pour into the pork tripe, quickly stir fry until it changes color, and set aside

5. Start the pot again, add a little oil, stir fry the shredded carrot, stir fry the shredded carrot, stir fry with green pepper, add pork tripe, stir fry evenly, pour in the seasoned juice and stir well

The nutritional value of pork tripe: sweet taste, mild temperature. "The classic of Materia Medica" says: "pork tripe is an important product for tonifying spleen. If the spleen and stomach are replenished, the Qi will benefit, and the benefit will stop & hellip; & hellip; tonifying the spleen and stomach, the essence and blood will grow on its own, and the deficiency will heal by itself. "Therefore, the diet therapy of Tonifying the middle and replenishing qi is often used.