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Shrimp with pickled peppers makes you spicy and delicious seafood shrimp

When you mention the word "pickled peppers", is your saliva about to flow out? Chicken feet with pickled peppers and small fish with pickled peppers are all classic dishes familiar to us. But do you know the practice of pickled shrimp with pickled peppers? Pickled pepper shrimp as a novel seafood practice, I believe you will try for the food curiosity.

ingredients: sea shrimp 500g, Zizania latifolia, 4 root soy sauce, 1 / 2 tbsp ginger, 5 g garlic, 4 petals of water starch, 2 tbsp vegetable oil, 2 tbsp Ma Jiao, 20 grains of chives, 2 roots of pickled red pepper, 150 g of sugar, 1 tsp of white vinegar, 1 / 2 tbsp of white vinegar

1. Cut off the head of the shrimp slightly, subtract all the shrimp whiskers and legs, remove the shrimp line, cut the water bamboo into hob pieces

2. Heat the oil in the pan, stir the pepper, scallion, ginger, pickled pepper and garlic together

3. Add the shrimp and stir fry until the shrimp changes color

4. Add water bamboo and other seasonings (sugar, soy sauce and white vinegar), add water, stir fry for about 3-5 minutes, let the shrimp and Zizania fully taste, and then add starch to thicken the pot. On the basis of inheriting the pickled pepper chicken feet, the shrimp with pickled peppers has made a new breakthrough, so this new taste is a tribute to the classic dishes, but also a more positive attitude in the face of others!