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Braised Pleurotus eryngii with soy sauce can not resist the delicious fungus in the sweet flour sauc

1. Wash the Pleurotus eryngii and cut it into 1.5cm cubes.

2. Cut the color pepper into pieces, wash and cut the Hangzhou pepper.

3. Slice part of garlic and part of it.

4. 5g soy sauce, 8g sweet sauce, 10g oyster sauce, mix well and set aside.

5. Put proper amount of peanut oil in the pan, add garlic slices to stir fry the meat.

6. After smelling garlic, stir fry diced apricot, abalone and mushroom.

7. Add color pepper and Hangzhou pepper, continue to stir fry until the Pleurotus eryngii becomes soft and water.

8. Add the sauce and stir fry until the vegetables are colored and tasty.

9. Sprinkle minced garlic before leaving the pot, mix well and turn off the heat.

10. Serve and open.