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Kitchen cooking skills competition of colorful bean dregs salad

[processing and frying process of soybean dregs]:

1. Prepare proper amount of residual bean dregs.

2. Put the remaining bean dregs on clean kitchen gauze.

3. Wrap the bean dregs with gauze and squeeze out the residual soymilk.

4. Squeeze the water out of soybean milk (Huixin intimate tip 1: the water must be squeezed out of soybean dregs to ensure that the soybean residue is loose during frying).

5. Put a small amount of olive oil in the frying pan, put the bean dregs into the pan, and stir fry with a shovel continuously (Huixin intimate tip 2: put a small amount of edible oil when frying soybean dregs, which can avoid the bean dregs sticking to the pan and increase some aroma).

6. During frying, use the back of shovel to loosen the lumps of bean dregs.

7. Continue to stir fry, with the gradual increase of temperature, the surface of bean dregs changes from white to yellow.

8. Stir fry until the bean dregs are loose and golden yellow on the surface.

9. Pour the fried bean dregs into a small bowl.

[preparation of vegetables and mixing process of bean dregs salad]:

1. Wash cucumber and carrot, cut into small dices.

2. Cook the corn kernels in the pot, control the water and take it out.

3. The egg is boiled and peeled, cut in half from the middle, and take out the yolk with a spoon to separate the yolk from the protein.

4. Dice egg white and egg yolk separately.

5. Put all the prepared diced vegetables and eggs in the bowl (Huixin intimate tip 4: diced vegetables can be matched at will, the best color is rich, and some fruits can also be added).

6. Pour in the fried bean dregs.

7. Sprinkle 1 / 8 teaspoon salt.

8. Pour in 1 / 4 teaspoon olive oil.

9. Stir well with chopsticks.