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Matcha tofu jelly and tofu have no relationship with half a dime of fashionable cool products

1. Wash the soybeans, soak them for more than 6 hours, rinse them with clean water before use, assemble the juicer, turn on the switch, mix the soaked soybeans with 1200 grams of water, and slowly feed them into the inlet of the original Juicer with spoonful by spoon

2. The original juice machine starts to work, and soybean dregs and soymilk flow out from two outlets respectively

3. Pour the raw soybean milk into the pot, turn on the medium heat, rinse the agar slightly, and put it into the pot

4. Add 15 grams of Matcha powder, keep stirring during the period, and turn the soymilk to low heat after boiling slightly

5. add sugar, let the soybean milk continue to boil slightly, stirring during the period, and then heat for about 5 minutes after boiling, and the foam will basically disappear, so that the soybean milk is ready to cook.

6. Filter the prepared Matcha soymilk and pour it into the container and let it cool at room temperature

7. Cover and put into the refrigerator for freezing. Draw a circle along the container with a toothpick to demould. When eating, you can cut into small pieces and sprinkle some sugar powder. You can also dig and eat directly with a spoon