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The strong fragrance of old Beijing yogurt in hot summer

1. Pour the milk into a container, add sugar (there is no need to add too much sugar, the mash juice is sweet), put the container (I use the lokow locoglass which can be put into the microwave oven and oven) into the microwave oven for 3 minutes to melt the sugar, take out the container and let the milk cool.

2. Strain out the mash juice, add it to the milk, and stir well.

3. Cover the bowl with plastic wrap, prick some small holes with toothpick, put it into the steamer with air, steam it at low heat (small holes will appear in cheese if the fire is too high) for about 20 minutes, turn off the heat and do not open the cover until it cools naturally. You can also wrap your mouth in tin foil and bake at 150 ℃ for about 30 minutes (I have not verified the baking method, so the time and temperature may not be accurate), and then put it into the refrigerator after natural cooling.

4. After the steamer cools down, take out the cheese, seal it and put it in the refrigerator. It will be ready after 2-3 hours. When eating, you can sprinkle pine nuts, raisins and other dried fruits. It tastes better.

Tips: 1, the higher the purity of the milk, the better the effect. You can pour it into the pot before making it, boil it with low heat for about 10 minutes, so that it can be concentrated, but the skin should be removed.

2. The ratio of mash juice (rice wine) to milk is about 1:3, so it is not easy to solidify because of too little mash.

3. Now some of the mash sold on the market are added with sugar, so the amount of sugar should not be too much