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Shaanxi Guanzhong noodles: another way to make you chatter

1. Knead flour with water and salt to form a smooth and even dough, wake up for 2 hours, rub into oval shape, flatten, cut into thick strips, wake up for 15 minutes

2. Flatten the thick strip, pull the two ends with both hands to lengthen and knock on the chopping board

3. Pull it into a long patch about two fingers wide. It is very long and can be wound in many circles on the hand

4. Sit in a pot of hot water with half a teaspoon of salt and noodles

5. One or two noodles is a bowl. Cook the noodles well. About two or three times during this period

6. Take out the water and put it into a bowl of soy sauce, vinegar, Zanthoxylum powder and sugar. Sprinkle the fragrant scallion and scattered garlic petals. Heat the chili oil and pour it on the onion and garlic. Mix well