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Kaifeng's special food, guantangbao, chrysanthemum city also has royal food

1. Wash the pig skin, put it into a pressure cooker, add fresh soup, add ginger, green onion, refined salt, pepper, cooking wine, chicken essence, cover, press on the fire until the pig skin turns into juice. After cooling, open the lid, remove the material residue, pour the soup juice into a square plate, cool in the air, refrigerate in the refrigerator, and then cut it into 12 balls with a diameter of 2 cm.

2. Peel the wax gourd, cut it into 15 cm square blocks, and then slice into large slices, a total of 12 pieces, soak in salt boiled water for about 10 minutes; cut ham, cucumber skin and egg skin into thin silk; blanch green onion leaves in boiling water pot and tear them into thin strips; chop red cherry into fine powder.

3. Roll a layer of dry starch on the jelly cut into balls, and then wrap it with a layer of fish grits, and then dip it evenly with shredded ham, cucumber and egg. Wrap it in the soaked wax gourd slices, then bundle it into pomegranate bag with shredded green onion leaves, and garnish it with Cherry powder. It is then steamed into crystal soup and steamed for about 5 minutes before putting it into the plate.

4. Heat the wok, add a little soup, bring to a boil, add salt, pepper, monosodium glutamate, thicken with wet starch, pour in sesame oil, and pour on the crystal soup bag.