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Where is Donkey Meat fire? Can you cook donkey meat?

1. Sauce donkey meat a bag, half green pepper, a sharp pepper, flour 2-3 people put into the basin to prepare and noodles.

2. Wash the green pepper and cut into pieces; wash the hot pepper and cut into pieces.

3. Open the bag of donkey meat and cut it into diced meat to avoid over breaking.

4. Put a little salt, warm water and flour, knead into a dough, set aside for about 20 minutes.

5. Divide the dough into equal parts of uniform size. Take one piece of dough and roll it into long strips.

6. Spread a layer of oil evenly on the long strips of dough and fold both sides.

7. Then fold it in half and roll it gently with a stick.

8. Put a little cooking oil in the pan, put the pancakes into the pan, bake over low heat, turn both sides in time, and take out the pot after cooked.

9. Mix the prepared donkey meat with green pepper and hot pepper, and put it into the fire.

Tips for roast donkey meat:

Donkey meat fired pancakes do not need to be fermented, making it easy and labor-saving; according to the degree of saltiness of donkey meat, you can add a little salt to the noodles for seasoning; generally, green pepper and hot pepper vegetables are matched with donkey meat, avoiding coriander, which has a strong flavor and is easy to cover up the aroma of donkey meat; it can be eaten with a bowl of soup or porridge, which is greasy and comfortable. If there are electric pancakes at home, making fire is more suitable.