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Guoba potato golden brown potatoes and the perfect combination of Guoba

1. Take a look at the raw materials: cut cabbage green leaves, green onion, 10 grams of chili powder, 5 grams of five spice powder, 5 grams of cumin powder

2. Steaming potatoes quickly soft rotten the first move: after the potatoes are washed, do not peel directly steam, stainless steel chopsticks into the potatoes, steam will quickly penetrate into the heart of potatoes, 10-20 minutes fast soft rotten

3. With a chopstick, if it can be easily inserted, it indicates that the potato is ripe. After the potato is steamed, quickly soak it into the cold water

4. It's easy to peel. The second way to avoid sticking to the pot is to use a compound bottom pan, dry cook for about 5 minutes, and pour in water drops before melting, indicating that the temperature at the bottom of the pot is enough

5. At this time, dry the water drops, pour in a little vegetable oil, put the whole potato directly, and chop it with a shovel

6. Take a look at the potatoes. Fry them until the potatoes are golden. Find a large bowl and put cabbage leaves, green onions, chili powder, cumin powder, spiced noodles, a little salt and monosodium glutamate

7. Pour in the potatoes and mix in the sesame oil