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Sichuan hot dumplings in summer might as well change a flavor to eat zongzi

1. Wash glutinous rice and red beans, soak them in water overnight, and clean the fresh rice dumpling leaves with hot water

2. Steam the bacon in a pot and cut it into small pieces. Drain the glutinous rice and red beans. Put in the bacon granules. Add pepper powder, pepper powder and salt, and stir well

3. Take a piece of rice dumpling leaf, cut off the petiole, roll it into a cone-shaped funnel from the middle, and put a handful of stuffing

4. Pinch the two sides, fold off the leaves at the top of the funnel, tie them tightly with white rope, add water to boil in the pot, put in the rice dumplings to compact, cook for about 1 hour, and take out a little cool to eat