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Double color pearl balls steamed out of the big pearl small pearl plate heart food

1. Minmo, first use a rolling pin to tamp for 10 minutes to get the strength.

2. Cut scallion into scallion, ginger and Lentinus edodes.

3. Soak the white glutinous rice for more than two hours, soak the black fragrant rice for more than three hours, cut a small amount of carrots into the white glutinous rice.

4. Pour all kinds of prepared end products into the meat pot together. Pay attention to the dosage.

5. Put an egg in the stuffing. In fact, I think half an egg is enough. Let's make our own decisions.

6. Add starch. This step can also be omitted. The subsidence itself has the effect of solidification. The premise is that the sink should not be too thin. At the same time, add soy sauce, cooking wine, salt, white pepper and monosodium glutamate

7. Stir by hand and stir in one direction.

8. Put some meat stuffing into the palm of your hand and scrape it into a circle repeatedly with a spoon.

9. Pat a layer of rice on the outside of the meatball, and be careful not to expose the meat stuffing.

10. Put the prepared balls in the steamer, boil the water and steam for 15 minutes.